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BY : HERBERT WILCZEK - on behalf of the family community Casa Panama

Apart. No: 195 17487 Empuriabrava (Spain)


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Save the euro crisis and Spain - whatever the cost!

How much longer are you going to listen and look away

Prime Minister P. Sanchez in Madrid?

Chancellor Merkel in Berlin?

Mrs von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, in Brussels?

This is a dangerous political situation, especially for the new EU Commission President, Ms. von der Leyen, in Brussels.

She cannot afford to be seen as an EU weak loser, because unfortunately there are enough "like-minded EU expropriation imitators" in the EU countries.

To point out that the "unpredictable and confused Spanish political party landscape" in Madrid is sawing itself off the chair on which it is sitting.


Is there a clever Spanish strategy behind it?

Which is initially oriented towards the threatening

"Euro inflationary tendencies",

and therefore, on the assets available in Spain, which in the form of:

" Safe concrete gold" of priceless and valuable real estate tangibles, which are exclusively located in the first sea line of the coastal towns of the Spanish mainland and the islands of the Balearic and Canary Islands.

These properties have a realistic future increase in value and show much more positive tendencies compared to oil wells and gold mines.

In view of this, one cannot avoid the impression that the Spanish state wants to secure its balance of assets, without "ifs and buts", in safe concrete gold.

In order to be able to seriously prepare itself for a progressive euro inflation threat.

With his assumption of office, Petro Sanchez has taken on the retroactive political problems, such as among others: "The Ley de Costas (Coastal Law) - in order to: No matter , however to maintain !"

Can one rely on the justice of the Spanish judiciary ?

Therefore, among other things, the fact that Pedro Sanchez has made his former Minister of Justice Attorney General and thus undermines the independence of the judiciary, in order to abuse it for his political purposes, "is in any case, in the room" ?

A process, by the way, which is causing the greatest commotion in Poland, where the independence of the judiciary is also being questioned, while in Spain this has not yet bothered the EU.

How far Sanchez, with his ridiculous two-seat lead, will get with his Frente Popular Nuevo remains to be seen. ?

The fact is that in the EU state of Spain, in all coastal towns, deceived property owners who bought in good faith were expropriated without compensation!


Effectively, it is proven with evidence and testimony that the family community Casa Panama from Empuriabrava, in March 1998, prepared intensively and very long before the notarial conclusion of the purchase contract, by commissioning a notary's office and instructing it to clarify all requirements, conveyance reservations, tax requirements, registration requirements, as well as

the building permit granted, any rights of way and all state requirements.

With the result that "no official conditions" were present. Thus, the release of a correct notarisation was guaranteed, legally secured and completed.

In the meantime, however, it has been proven that the Spanish state has committed a criminally relevant fraud and criminal offence according to § 263 StGB (German Criminal Code)!


A criminal offence that was carried out "under false pretences", in order to obtain unlawful and self-serving property advantages, which, via the Coastal Law, were to the detriment of the property of an aggrieved family community, "Casa Panama" from Empuriabrava, with a demonstrably related foundation of a company installation, which would have been guaranteed with more than 100 new jobs, as well as the associated, expropriated real estate property, which was expropriated in the "eight-figure million range" of the family community, and the entire company installation was totally ruined:

"Eight-digit millions" of the family community were expropriated, and the entire company installation was totally ruined.

According to the research carried out so far, there are initially about 100,000 properties affected by the Coastal Law and the associated expropriations. Assuming an average value of € 300,000 per property, we are then talking about

30 billion euros, which the Spanish state is taking for itself in passing, in gross disregard of legal norms and without any financial compensation. This figure can be revised upwards considerably if further research is carried out.

Furthermore, the state authorities have used their coastal expropriation methods and also achieve considerable rental income from expropriated properties in the 1st beach location of a minimum of 2 to 3 billion euros per year by existing "commercial properties", "mobile businesses and shops", which are located exclusively directly between 80 and 250 metres on the beach locations of the mainland and the Balearic and Canary Islands.

If, on the other hand, it is a question of brutal methods of destruction in an EU state, which is connected with unbelievable abuses of expropriation measures, in connection with an "exaggerated greed", then, furthermore, the loans taken out by the Casa Panama family community, which were necessary for the purchase of the real estate property, were also "converted" into an "income tax" and inexorably seized.

We are talking exclusively about the so-called Coastal Law (Ley de Coasta) of 1989, a piece of work that was passed under the "social red cloak":

Exclusively under the responsibility of the former Minister-President Sr. Rodríguez Zapatero PSOE in his time in government from: 2004-2011, in the form of: Environmental protection and pretended sustainability ignored and abrogated norms of the rule of law, such as the prohibition of retroactivity of laws.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the implementation of the new measurement measure: "Deslinde" was not left to the local authorities, who inevitably know their way around the area, but rather to an authority (demarcación de costas) of the central government in Madrid. The latter gradually sent its geologists and biologists to Spain's coasts to define this important beach zone, with the legal text in hand.

With such soft criteria, it was also clear that arbitrary demarcations, for better or for worse, were possible. Sometimes existing houses, especially in towns and villages, were elegantly bypassed and left out, and sometimes houses located at some distance from the coast were mercilessly erased. This is not always logically comprehensible.

Not only is the expropriation law itself based on more than questionable legal foundations, but its application and legal implementation defy any rule of law.
defy any rule of law, especially those of the Lisbon EU Treaty.

The expropriation without compensation of legally acquired and registered property is already a scandal, which has recently been postponed and thus inadmissibly, reveals the legal understanding of a "banana republic", in which bending of the law and state arbitrariness are the order of the day and are part of the system.

At no time has the call to "look and intervene" been more politically and socially in vogue than it is today in the year 2020, especially to the European Union in Brussels.

It is all the more incomprehensible that the German Chancellor,

who is sometimes apostrophised as the "disciplinarian of the EU", has so far listened and watched the goings-on around the Spanish coastal law expropriations as good as word and inactively, and has had this excused by her spokesperson with the non-interference phrase.

At least, this is how the German Chancellor, acting as a "social fairy" towards Spain, reacts in awareness of the following existing circumstances, in which, among other things, gross violations of human rights, the right to property etc. in Spain are repeatedly trampled underfoot by the responsible politicians from Madrid.

Despite all this, our socially conscious Chancellor, among other things in 2018 / 2019, has also allowed that the Spanish state:

900 million in EU funds for educational measures.

How long and up to what amount should German citizens and EU citizens continue to throw money down the throat of the Spanish state, whether through bailout funds or through the expropriation of legally acquired real estate that falls to the Spanish state without compensation?

Apart from the fact that Spanish legal behaviour cannot be tolerated without contradiction in the EU, for a German family community consisting of four generations, we are talking here about material damage in the eight-digit million euro range. The destruction of the company's conception, the loss of jobs, and the ruin and destruction of the entire livelihood and existence of a family community.

These are public and political blunders. Citizens and some media have now learned not to accept everything that happens. Pointing out grievances, putting one's finger in the wound and offering resistance have long since been freed from the revolutionary odour, even and especially when it concerns the violation of rights by governments and those in power.

Globalisation and the EU have led to social and legal standards no longer being applied only within the respective countries, but universally and worldwide.
As a result, the diplomatic argumentation of non-interference in the affairs of other countries, which has always been more than flimsy, has completely lost its credibility.

It has been replaced by the defence of human rights and the demand for compliance with bilateral agreements and minimum legal standards.

A closer examination of the factual and legal situation
should actually prompt Mrs Merkel to protect her citizens in Spain who live abroad in the EU and to defend their rights.

This has always been reason enough for the USA, for example, to intervene in foreign countries. France, England and some other EU countries have a similar view.

What is certain is that in Germany alone it is still difficult to defend one's own citizens, whose interests and rights in the EU state of Spain, by kicking them in the shins if necessary, let alone threatening to take appropriate measures, let alone implementing them. "Or is there possibly a clever move or other motivation behind this?

On the one hand: Because it should be pointed out that it is better to make "real estate investments" in one's own country or in Germany, i.e. German compatriots and other EU citizens prefer to invest in safe real estate in their own country!

On the other hand: Is Mrs Merkel not once again more far-sighted than at least her Spanish politician colleagues?

Furthermore, in the interest of the EU countries, Mrs von der Leyen should be supported.


It is a fact that our so far - still - hesitant public media activities, which to date have more than 240,000 readers (see and the internet reference information noted at the end of the letter), as well as furthermore a successful, corresponding VOX- T-V reporting with an audience rating of 1,200,000 viewers.

Total: 1,440,000 informed followers!

At least many investors have reacted to these initial public media reports. Those who had considered buying real estate in Spain were unsettled and deterred.

In any case, we are more than sad about this circumstance, because the innocent Spanish citizens and taxpayers are brutally affected and have to pay for the legal abuse caused by their elected politicians.

To what extent foreign and national investors will still invest in Spanish real estate in the future remains to be seen.

Many Germans and other EU countries cannot understand why Spanish politicians cannot resolve their differences through reasonable dialogue.

This difference also manifests itself in their view of their relations with Europe. We investors are convinced Europeans, perhaps also because they see in Europe the gateway that can enable them to break out of the narrow Spanish cage.

Spanish politicians, on the other hand, seem to see Europe mostly as the cow to be milked, without giving much thought to reciprocation on their part.

In a European study on the independence of courts in EU countries, Spain ranks 26th out of 28 members.

In the future, the aforementioned publicly generated problem will be exclusively in the hands of the responsible politicians in Madrid, Berlin and Brussels. Finally, I, Herbert Wilczek (71 years old), as the author of the above-mentioned contents, would like to justify them legally as a fraudulent charge in the form of an "affidavit" and to present them as evidence and testimony. "I am aware of the criminal consequences of a false statement". Further public research possibilities under Info.

Video Report.......

Subject: A film documentary about the "Deslinde" case

(state measurement of the distance from the sea line to the expropriated real estate property)

The Spanish state is using the 1988 Coastal Protection Act to expropriate without compensation a commercial and residential property belonging to a fourth-generation family group under one roof in Empuriabrava, which was legally acquired in March 1998.

With the current, state expropriation methods, the suspicion of the own state interests and interests is put in the foreground and thereby disregarded that the coastal law specifications in question, we do not violate with the law contents, and that in no way.

For example: A) That we prevent the entire public from having free access to the beach, as well as B) The effects of unbridled building activity of "concrete strongholds" in the first beach line of Empuriabrava.

The property in question is located from the furthest point of the swell on the first sea line, away from the so-called base line in single-storey, landscaped construction.

The necessary planning permission was granted and completed nine years before the so-called Coastal Act of 1988 on 17 May 1979.

After only a short time, the family community was confronted with the difficult questions of how the communal existence could continue to be made possible by the implementation of the Coastal Act.

Namely, one of the contentious issues is the difference of opinion on where the sea ends and the land or coast begins. So, for us, where does family begin, and where does our life end...?

The fact is:

The habitability use, was made and carried out through extensive renovation works. The high, related, state taxes were always paid correctly.

The family's loans from Banco Santander, among others, which were needed for the purchase and the renovation costs, were NOT recognised by the responsible tax office as depreciation, but were converted into income tax and declared as a tax claim and additionally demanded.

The current market value amounts to a seven-digit million euro sum. It is clear that the Spanish people, the Spanish taxpayers and potential investors are the aggrieved parties and are being prevented from venturing new investments on Spanish soil! In our case, this state arbitrariness has made family life with all its related existential fears extremely difficult.

It is only through cohesion that we no longer cope year after year, but together only hour after hour....


In case of complaints and grievances about the content of the film, the responsible authors are at your disposal in all matters.