I, Herbert Wilczek, as the sole responsible editor, rapporteur and owner of: www.empuriabravanews.com, as the Internet publisher, declare below that my project is directed with the declared aim of helping to enforce the law in Spain and all EU member states and to expose abuses, violations of the law and political wheeling and dealing.

My project was given an appropriate name with the designation:

"CE Schutzgemeinschaft," succinctly expressing what it is all about.

Similar to the credit agencies (Protective Association for Credit protection) that sell information to banks and lenders, the

CE Schutzgemeinschaft as an "association for the protection and safeguarding of the law in EU countries" could collect and prepare information, contributions, comments etc. for the media.

As an official association, one could, for example, send a warning against owners who conceal the coastal legal facts when offering their property, under threat of an injunction, and force them to act lawfully.

This is similarly possible against commercial property sellers and may be accompanied by an injunction.

To denounce erroneous court decisions, the name would also be well suited because it is not based on and expresses personal concern, but because it gives the impression that it is as neutral as possible, about a legally and politically correct dispute.

All my comments are based on my own research and represent my very own opinion. Where reports by others are included, this is cited as the source.

Publishing and documenting all this on the internet could cause an avalanche.

The copyright of my reports in "Empuriabravanews" belongs to me, I can grant rights of use, but can restrict or revoke this right under certain circumstances. Copyright is generally not alienable/transferable except under the specific circumstances of my owned:

"Patent and Marketing Rights" over:

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Prof Dr Pakdaman,

B) with the labelling of F.C.Barcelona, as well as

C) the Curavit Oil & Herbs Detoxification Cure

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